That’s supposed to say Shift not Gift, he’s just jellouse of my coolness 😌

Omg why dose this always happen! You only ever make me want you more and more!

Omg why dose this always happen! You only ever make me want you more and more!

My definition

You know your in love with the right girl when, she goes to bed at 10 because she’s got work early in the morning and from that point for the next 3 and a half hours until you go to bed she’s all you think about. When your drawing your thinking of her, when your laying watching tv your thinking of her, when you go upto bed and it’s freezing cold you just want her there! She’s all you think about all day everyday from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed and still then you dream of her! I know right now that I would propose to my girlfriend tomorrow if I had the money and everything. I couldn’t imagine not being with her and I want her in my life forever. I always put her first and I would give my life for her!

My girlfriend is the best part of me and I hope she knows it.

Heart pain!

After 3 years I still have no idea why my girlfriend loves me, I’m not even her type :’(

Frustrated! Lol

I feel like its literally impossible to plan anything in my life everytime I do even if it’s as small thing something always pops up to stop it happening. :((

Lol got bored so started doodling, this is what you get. And yes THANK YOU! :D x

Mine and greggs relationship lol and he means boost, BOOST!!


I feel more in love with you tonight then I think I ever have, as if I’ve only ever loved you more and more everyday we’ve been together building up to today :D

"Diamonds Aren’t Forever"

Just Wanna Say Cheers To People That Follow Me And The People That Have Started following Me Today :D And Commented On Shizz, Except You George! lol soo Thankyoo! :DD Your All Very appreciated lol. NIGHT!