Just drew this

Lord of the rings leg piece nearly done, shins healed foots fresh

Don’t by Antony Flemming at world of tattoos ruislip manor.

Drawing I did on till at work, 3 bits of A4 paper stapled together - Native American Skull

Demonic priest

Tattooed girl.

Skull wolf head

Hand candle.

Traditional Fuck the world

Just gunna start posting my drawings :)

My Barad-Dûm ‘in progress’ nowhere near finished! DETAILLLL!!

The boobs were boredome and there’s alot of doodle but I’m gunna try tidy this up at work tomorrow :D

Pimped my loo seat…

Got inspired by the last post I reblogged to try something different, I never really draw up Japanese tattoos but thought I’d give it a try :\ wanna sit down and have a proper go at one now!

Doodling in bed :D

Forgott I’ve packed up all my pencils and stuff! So here’s a stag… Moose :\ lol